Smart Blood Sugar – The Diabetes Reversal Recipe.

How a 59 year old diabetic lowered his fasting blood sugar by 80 points – literally overnight!

It stopped after three days

Drugs and insulin didn’t affect their dangerously high numbers. But then…

Hello, my name is Doctor Marlene Merritt. While it looks incredible, I developed a 100% natural Diabetes Reversal Recipe.

The key is to say “no” to restrictive diets. It is impossible for most people to adhere to.

Instead … with my revolutionary “Diabetes Reversal Recipe” you can enjoy the foods you and your body want … foods that “pull” your blood sugar back … so that your body burns all the sugar in your bloodstream quickly and efficiently … like a match on gasoline!

Ask 59-year-old John Hiatt …

John is a Type II diabetic whose blood sugar has been rising for years. His doctor gave him 3 different blood sugar medications and 2 types of insulin.

But despite being so turbulent in his body, his fasting glucose rose to dangerously high levels – between 200 and 275.

This is the organ failure zone!

All of this circulating sugar thickened his blood and slowed his circulation. As a result, his vision became blurred every day. His organs, hands and feet slowly starved and destroyed the nutrients they needed.

No wonder he’s scared of the day his doctor puts his hand on his shoulder and brings the bad news – no day comes when he prayed …

Sorry John … you will lose that foot.

Then on a Sunday evening, John found my Diabetes Reversal Recipe on the computer alone. He learned that he could eat delicious food that would automatically turn his blood sugar back on.

He had nothing to lose. So he let it go that very night.

The next morning, John checked his blood sugar and was shocked – his blood sugar dropped 80 points!

He wondered if this was a chance – would his blood sugar go up again? He continued the plan that day and the next morning to test him.

The blood sugar dropped again – 40 more points!

He was surprised: a drop of 120 points in just 2 days? He had never seen anything like it.

What was surprising, however, was that he decided to stop taking insulin that night. Understandably, his wife was concerned – what if John’s blood sugar levels rise during the night? What if he falls into a diabetic coma?

When he woke up on the third day of the diabetes reversal recipe, both he and his wife were shocked to see their numbers stay at all-new lows!

As a result,

John hasn’t taken a drop of insulin since then!

That means he pocketed an additional $ 400 a month  that much of his own money on insulin. That’s $ 5,000 a year to buy. in his own words “this is a vacation in Hawaii.”

As an added “bonus”, John lost 25 pounds without ever trying. He says his stomach is “almost over”. When his friends first see him, they shoot twice.
John says, “This was a revelation. I thank God for Dr. Marlene. “

I’m really humble to hear from people like John … people who were desperate for a way to lower their high blood sugar … who hated taking a handful of pills and injecting insulin every day …

… But who had the feeling that they had no other choice:

Eat brown rice, tofu, and carrots for the rest of my life? No thanks! I’d rather be – I’d rather be sick

So your eyes light up like a Christmas tree when you discover that you can enjoy delicious food … and …

… watch your blood sugar levels drop like a rock!

And then your amazed doctor says, “Time to cut your medication!” As Charles W’s doctor told him …

“My doctor eliminated a drug (Invokana) and lowered my Levemir insulin from 52 units twice a day to 40 units twice a day. I also almost stopped injecting Humalog with meals. Your recipe for reversing diabetes was a gift from God to me. “

And Warlan B. from Mountainview, AR, who amazed her doctor:

“My doctor had to cut my insulin dose in half because my blood sugar is so low. I went from an A1C of 6.9 to a 6.3 in twelve weeks and only used the diabetes reversal recipe for the last six of those twelve weeks! He says he’s never heard of anything like it. “

“I also lost eleven pounds over the same period, the only time I’ve lost any significant weight in the last thirty years. I brag to everyone I know about your plan. It works. And it’s so EASY.”

This is why you can eat like this for the rest of your life! Because it’s easy! That’s the key. Everyone is different, so naturally it takes some people longer than others to lower their blood sugar. But because I am not asking you to try or rely on willpower, you can enjoy the food while your body heals.

Because while you are enjoying every delicious bite, the specific nutrients in the diabetes reversal recipe work and invisibly repair your blood sugar “machinery”. Here’s how it works: Essentially

Every cell in our body has a blood sugar switch …

When the switch is on, our cells burn sugar from meals … as soon as we eat.

That means you can eat ice cream, a candy bar, whatever – and all of that sugar is burned for energy.

You may even know people like that … people who can eat whatever they want without worry. Happy devils.

Well, that’s why your blood glucose switch is “ON”.

But for many of us our switch is turning off. What does it make?

The hormone insulin.

This may sound strange, because as you may know, insulin is the hormone that stores sugar in your cells. Without insulin, sugar cannot penetrate. You definitely need it.

But here’s the strange …

Too much insulin over time is synonymous with too little insulin – both of which will cause your blood sugar switch to turn off. Here’s why:

Think of insulin as the “key” that unlocks the “lock” on your cells. When insulin is working properly, it opens the cell doors and sugar rushes in to be burned for energy.

Over time, excessive exposure to insulin will damage these locks: They will be “stripped” through overuse.

In this case, you have an insulin resistance. Your cells resist insulin and you don’t burn sugar efficiently. Your switch turns off.

With nowhere, that sugar is stored as fat – which will get your waistline skyrocketed!

Worse, it dangerously builds up in your body. It thickens your blood, slows circulation too much, and can permanently damage your eyes, organs, and feet.
But this is where the diabetes reverse recipe works its cellular magic. With a precise calibration of the nutrients, the blood sugar switch in your body is turned back to “ON” – which even reverses years of insulin resistance – so that you can burn sugar again and remove it from your bloodstream.

That means lower blood sugar levels than in years!

Just like Robert C. of Canton, NC saw:

My A1C was 6.9 … lower than the previous visit of 7.4. Weight 6 pounds. My doctor took me from Lantus. The blood sugar levels are mostly in the normal range … all due to the use of the diabetes reverse prescription. “

And Now You Can Use The Diabetes Reversal Recipe To Change Your Life!

Here’s how: I got the reverse diabetes recipe in a book called …

Smart blood sugar!

This handy guide is the result of my training in natural medicine and years of perfecting the diabetes reversal recipe at my Austin, Texas wellness center.

There is no fluff or jargon to wade through. Only practical help from practice. This means you get to the “good stuff” that you can use today.

Now you can lower your blood sugar and reverse your diabetes … in the fastest, easiest, and tastiest way possible!

You don’t have to pull your hair out, count calories or decipher complex plans like with the “low glycemic index” …

… And you can ignore restrictive “rabbit diets” – the kind of diet you can find on the American Diabetes Association website …

In fact, there is one ADA guideline that can ruin your chance of ever reversing diabetes – I’ll tell you what it is and why you can ignore it!

Instead of all the troubles, you will be given my simple blueprint for lowering blood sugar: The Recipe To Reversing Diabetes.

And as powerful as it is, Smart Blood Sugar offers even more.

Click here for Smart Blood Sugar – The Diabetes Reversal Recipe Official website

You will also receive additional “bonus material” …

You see, I’ve picked up a handful of “quick tricks” that will shorten the healing process and make it even easier …and I want you to always have these shortcuts in your back pocket when you need them …

It’s actually pretty easy when you figure out what drives a “cute tooth” – it’s not something you were born with. Sugar cravings come from some kind of “programming” in the brain, but I’ll show you how to easily “feed” your brain to make sugar cravings go away.

You can still enjoy sugar by the way – you just won’t be a slave to it. You are in control.


You Can Lower Blood Sugar While Eating Sugar!

It may sound too good to be true, but I’ll show you a 60-second trick that will force your body’s cells – even if they’re “insulin resistant” – to expel sugar from your bloodstream right away … even if you reward yourself with this chocolate cake. (Your lab results will still affect your doctor – they’ll never know you’re “cheated”.)

Plus, you’ll always see what to have in your fridge to keep hunger off …

Bite-sized snacks that you can easily store in your pocket for instant take …

Personal story: These tiny energizers kept me going as I rode my bike across the country. These treats worked like magic and, unlike energy bars, gave me long-lasting energy without crashing. If they could let me pedal 20 miles a day just imagine what they’ll do for you. I always have a few in my purse now.

Plus other helpful “tricks” …

How to order in a restaurant like a normal person … Just by requesting THIS at the start of the meal. Then order what you want.
Do you crave cola? You’ll see how easy it is to give up a soda habit even if you’re currently devouring it by the case. This sneaky trick will fool your taste buds so you don’t miss the cola …

How To Enjoy Healthy Sweeteners: Most sweeteners raise your blood sugar and are toxic to your body (like aspartame). However, it’s easy to choose the right strain when shopping – all you have to do is identify three specific letters on the label.
The Japanese “miracle noodles” that don’t raise blood sugar by an iota. You’ll love the mild taste and soft, chewy texture. Please your cravings for pasta without raising your blood sugar

I will also show you my 6 “magic balls” against high blood sugar. These 6 natural herbs and nutrients increase insulin production, cravings for dull sugars, and block blood sugar spikes after meals.

(One of these, a Malaysian herb, works quickly – within an hour of eating).

And one more thing – I also recorded …

My “heavy artillery” to lower blood sugar!

These 2 blood sugar busters can reset your blood sugar switch in no time.

I have to warn you: these 2 “big guns” are a bit exhausting and may not be suitable for everyone. But when you use them, they work like magic.

The first is the fastest way to reverse insulin resistance. What is it? A special form of exercise that draws extra glucose into your bloodstream.

But don’t worry – this isn’t the old boring advice “exercise for 30 minutes a day” you may have heard. In fact, it only takes a few minutes.

(Forget about wasting your mornings like those poor souls stuck on a treadmill – you’re done before they even warm up!)

And the second “great weapon” is actually a secret found in Scripture.

This religious practice (which anyone can do regardless of your denomination) miraculously resets blood sugar. In fact, you can only do this once a month and enjoy lower blood sugar for days.

True story – I’ve even read about a doctor who does this faithfully every other day … and the other days she eats what she wants … we talk about all the McDonalds and candy bars she feels like – and she still stays healthy. It is as slim as a railing.

(Not that I recommend this to you, but it does show how effective this ancient technique can be at lowering blood sugar and losing extra weight.)

All together, Smart Blood Sugar is everything you need to know to get your blood sugar under control – faster and easier than you thought possible – even if you feel like you’ve seen it all.

Like Phillip T. from Alexandria, VA told me:

“The best book on diabetes ever! It’s short, to the point, and easy to understand and follow. I’ve been able to reduce my medication because I see my blood sugar drop every morning. My A1C fell to a multi-year low by following the reverse recipe for diabetes. Many thanks!”

And remember, the diabetes reversal recipe is easy to use – it is so easy, in fact, that you can do it “in your head,” as eighty-year-old Richard H. of Cooks, MI found out:

“If you don’t regularly keep Records and don’t want to buy exotic food, this plan might be thinking of you. My doctor was very pleased with the results (I also lost 5 pounds) and he said I have been in excellent health since I saw him 5 years ago. I just celebrated my 81st birthday. THANK YOU for helping me restore my health! “

Now I can’t promise you will get the exact results you heard today. Your results will depend on several factors, including adhering to the diabetes reverse prescription. Your blood sugar may take longer to heal … or … it may heal even faster. For this reason, I strongly recommend that you wait for your doctor’s blessing before stopping any medication.

But this is the only method I know of that will safely and naturally keep your blood sugar under control.

So if you are sick and tired, “feeling sick and tired” … living with unpleasant side effects from medication …

… If you’ve ever tried dieting and it didn’t work, try Smart Blood Sugar.

Just click here to get started.

And you don’t risk anything if you act today …

You’re covered with an extremely generous 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. You have a full two months to decide if Smart Blood Sugar is right for you. If for any reason you’re not completely delighted with Smart Blood Sugar, we can offer you a hassle-free refund anytime for the next two months.

To get started, all you have to do is hit the big order button below. A secure order page will be displayed next. After your order has been processed, you will be able to download your digital copy of Smart Blood Sugar immediately.

For a small shipping and handling fee, you can also get a physical copy of the book.

Once you’ve downloaded your copy of Smart Blood Sugar to your computer or other device, it’s ready to go on the diabetes reversal recipe. It’s that simple. At your next meal – today – you can turn your blood sugar switch back to “ON”.

And it’s easy to start today with the low price I reserved for you.

I am sure you will agree that this type of potentially life saving information is extremely valuable.
Many of my patients pay hundreds of dollars, starting with a fee of $ 150 for their first visit. Then I share the diabetes reversal recipe and explain how it works.

But I want to make sure that as many people as possible avoid the horrors of uncontrolled diabetes. I don’t want the price to stop you. So I agreed with my publisher that Smart Blood Sugar would be offered at half starting price – just $ 67.

But wait!

That’s not the price YOU will pay today.

By watching this entire presentation through to the end, you have proven that you are committed to improving your health. You are the kind of person who is ready to take action.

When I see a patient like you, I get a big smile on my face – because that means half of my job is done.

As a thank you, you can have Smart Blood Sugar for a fraction of its value …

For only $ 67 … $ 27!

And remember, you don’t risk a penny from it. You have two months to review the plan and still get your money back with ease.

But wait – it gets better.

If you order today, I have something very special for you …

Five FREE gifts!

… That makes the diabetes reversal recipe even easier!

“7-day menu”

Here’s the deal: I gave the diabetes reversal recipe to a skilled cook and asked her to come up with easy-to-follow recipes … for delicious meals that scratch the bottom of the platter … that follow the diabetes reversal recipe “T “. And boy delivered it!

She created months of these delicious, precisely calibrated recipes that are easy to prepare – most take 20 to 30 minutes, and many can be pre-made and frozen for the week. (Especially nice when you come home and just want to eat!)

And you get 7 days free of these good recipes – including breakfast, lunch and dinner the next week. Other than that, this is the easiest way to get the diabetes reversal recipe into action.

And to make these recipes even easier, we have a complete grocery list of take-away ingredients for every ingredient you need for meals. Just take your shopping list to the grocery store and you’ll be in and out in less than an hour. Ready for the whole week. It’s that easy.

Plus, you will enjoy what happens when your family engages in these dishes …

As Susan C. of Franklin, TX discovered …

“At first I really wondered if my husband would be ready to try out the recipes … but we couldn’t be happier! I cooked every meal and we both enjoy the food and my A1C is always under 5.8. What is my problem with good food all the time? knowing I was going to cook, but with the shopping list and recipes it was really easy and fun. “

And as you will see, you will enjoy a lot of variety. Each of these recipes are based on a huge list of foods that help fight lower blood sugar.

And for your second gift you will receive practical instructions on these foods so that you can make your pantry “bulletproof” against high blood sugar

“99 foods for diabetics”

Several studies have shown that these 99 foods have been shown to lower insulin resistance, lower blood sugar levels, boost the immune system, and prevent diabetes-related complications such as neuropathy, kidney failure, and blindness.

You’ll also see why these 99 foods work: each food contains a list of the most important macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals, and a brief explanation of how these specific nutrients lower blood sugar.

And you will see that these foods do a lot more than just fight high blood sugar

Like the fruit that wards off gout attacks … the food that prevents bruising … the mild kind of salad that can save your eyesight … the spice that soothes joints and soothes stomach upset … plus dozens of other health bonuses.

Of course, you don’t have to read the details – you can just choose a food that will make your mouth water.

You will also receive three additional bonus guides …

“How to Read a Food Label”

Food companies have come up with all sorts of clever ways to sneak into junk ingredients … but they’re not going to fool you! With this handy guide, you can identify ingredients that increase blood sugar at a glance.

“Carb Count Cheat Sheet”

This list of 40+ restaurants and packaged foods shows how to safely eat delicious goodies from Krispy Kreme, Subway, Olive Garden, and more. Enjoy eating out without missing out.

And lastly (and perhaps most popularly) …

“Alcohol That Works”

You will see how you can lower your blood sugar and still enjoy alcohol – even every day if you want. (Also comes with a bartender’s guide to 5 decadent, blood-sugar-free cocktails – including whiskey sours, cosmopolitans, and margaritas.)

And remember, you get all of this for free – you’ll still only pay $ 27 before this video ends – as my thanks for taking action today.

Previously, this program was only available to my private patients who spent hundreds of dollars on it

But now you can get the same advice at a fraction of the cost and without leaving your home.

“YES! Heal my blood sugar
The easy way! “

Imagine waking up and feeling more alive …

… More focused and hopeful than in recent years.

No more worrying about blood sugar like losing a limb from amputation.

Instead, you will look forward to the future. You have the strength and energy to enjoy every day to the fullest. And you will enjoy knowing that you are there for your family.

You can. The book and bonus gifts show you every easy step. All you have to do is take the first step and hit the button below.

And remember, I take all the risk – you get every penny back if you want.

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