Resurge Reviews 2020: Resurge Real Customer Review Does It Work?

Resurge is a powerful dietary supplement that helps with fat loss by ensuring adequate sleep. Resurge is working on ways to improve the quality of sleep that will help you lose weight, among other benefits.

Research from Colorado University found that people who slept 5 hours a night every week gained 2 pounds. Indeed, the number is fascinating.
Would you have thought your nightly lifestyle could be the cause of that belly fat? Sleep deprivation is the main cause of increased appetite.
Research has well documented that sleep deprivation can trigger hormones that regulate appetite. You will be surprised by various problems that your lack of sleep is causing. But more on that later.
Not only does Resurge focus on this integral factor in weight gain, it also improves metabolic performance. In addition, 100% natural products are used, which ensures that it is consumed risk-free. Even more so if the alternative is sleeping pills.
David Kingston of Researched Reviews states, “This site is in no way promoting the addition to Resurge. The purpose of this page is to announce only the latest update of our independent report. “
Resurge Reviews Supplement is described as a weight loss supplement designed to help improve sleep patterns.
Resurge Supplement is a weight loss pill that can help combat the effects of aging, improve overall health, and promote restful sleep patterns. It is advertised by the manufacturer as a healthy and effective supplement.
David Kingston of Researched Reviews states, “Consumers are wary of any pill that makes bold claims, especially those related to weight loss.”

Consumers ask, “Is Resurge a scam?”
“They want to be sure that they are getting a product that works and that has even been properly tested. The market is also reluctant to accept weight loss supplements that have not been thoroughly tested for side effects, and many of these types of products are known to cause serious and unpleasant side effects that may not be immediately noticeable. “
It is important that weight loss supplements are carefully reviewed and their effects are detailed. Researched Reviews tries to provide the necessary details for consumers who want to make an informed decision. You might ask about the Resurge supplement. It works? Answers to these and more urgent questions about the supplement can be found in the report.

Resurge Ingredients and How Do They Work?
Upon investigation, we did not find any wasteful ingredient in Resurge. Each component provides benefits for achieving weight loss goals as well as getting adequate sleep.
You have listed the ingredient count on the label for clarity. We understand they used tiny amounts of some of the ingredients.
While these ingredients have no side effects, they are also expensive. Resurge has also focused on cutting costs in order to make it affordable for the masses that way.
How effective they will then be remains to be seen. However, the results of early evaluations look encouraging. Here are the ingredients and their amounts in Resurge pills:

L-theanine 200 mg: Mushrooms and tea leaves contain this common amino acid. It is a natural stress reliever and significantly improves sleep.
Its main purpose is to ensure a deeper sleep without disturbance. If you have the talent to wake up to the slightest disturbance, the more likely you are to feel sleepy even after 8 hours of sleep.
Not only does it convey a sense of relaxation, but it also increases focus. Having resurge early in the day will make your work time more fruitful and allow you to concentrate better.

Hydroxytryptophan -100 mg: We can find this natural amino acid already in the body and Resurge will replenish it. The amino acid produces serotonin, which increases mood and helps fight depression.
It is an effective stress reliever and also combats anxiety. Perhaps the ingredient in sleep inducing pills is quite common. Because it makes you happier and relieves stress, you sleep better and more carefree.

Melatonin -10 mg: Melatonin is the hormone that controls the sleep cycle in our body. The secretion of this hormone makes us sleepy.
It also regulates the time we want to sleep every day. The pineal gland in our body secretes melatonin.
The melatonin preparation is common in instant sleep treatment. You usually use it after a change of shift at work or after jet lag to help you sleep better.
Refreshingly, it has minimal side effects, unlike sleeping pills, which can cause brain damage over time. The connection ensures a good night’s sleep faster.

Ashwagandha -150 mg:  The ancient medicinal herbs are a household name in countries like India. Ashwagandha is an essential part of a wide variety of herbal medicines and nutritional supplements.
The herb soothes the body and relieves stress. You sleep better when you feel better.
It also improves blood circulation and controls blood sugar, among other things. In addition, the calming effects of Ashwagandha increase self-control.
It suppresses your appetite and prevents you from feeling hungry all the time. As a result, you don’t overeat and have a controlled and healthy diet. Weight loss is just an inevitable result afterwards.

Arginine 1200 mg:  Another essential amino acid, arginine, also helps reduce stress. Arginine has medicinal uses for important treatments such as heart failure, blood pressure, and the like.
You can often find it in meat and poultry products like red meat, fish, etc. However, since Resurge is vegan-friendly, they got it from plant sources. This way, arginines are great to consume for vegans.
Arginine also improves blood circulation by widening the blood vessels in your body. The compound also stimulates the secretion of insulin, growth hormone and other such substances.
Increased blood flow ensures that we have less stress and therefore eat less. Research has found that stress can have a direct impact on our appetite. More on that later, but you understand how arginine helps burn fat!

Lysine 1200 mg:  Lysine is another amino acid that produces collagen. The human body cannot synthesize or produce lysine, but it is a fairly essential amino acid.
This is why you can find lysine in many nutritional supplements. Lysine also plays a role in the production of carnitine, which supports fatty acid metabolism.
The compound helps move fat around the body. Proper movement of the fat will help remove it from the body over time.

Zinc -15 mg:  Zinc is an essential trace element in Resurge pills and promotes metabolism and fat burning. In addition, it is useful in absorbing nutrients found in other foods in your body.
The more nutrients your body absorbs, the better it is for weight loss. It helps suppress appetite as your body feels satisfied after consuming smaller amounts due to proper absorption.
The zinc deficiency can cause serious health problems. Resurge contains zinc and magnesium to ensure the proper absorption of all of the supplement’s benefits.

Magnesium 50 mg:  Magnesium is another mineral found in trace elements found in Resurge pills. Research has also found that magnesium makes weight loss easier along with proper diet and exercise.
Proper magnesium levels in your diet will lower insulin levels in the body. It also helps with puffing and ensures adequate water retention.
Overall, magnesium, in conjunction with all of these ingredients, can make a major contribution to fat loss during sleep.

Does Resurge work for everyone?

Resurge is a pretty primitive weight loss supplement that regulates the sleep cycle to help fuel weight loss. Yes, it works for everyone except kids.
Pregnant women and people with serious medical conditions are also excluded from the equation until their doctor says yes. The main focus of the supplement is on improving the sleep cycle, and it works well in this regard.
As for weight loss, it’s hard to tell how much fat you will lose. While improper sleep leads to weight gain, the reverse is not as reliable.
You may not lose as much fat with proper sleep as you gain with less sleep. It also depends on a variety of factors, the most important of which is movement.
While a good night’s sleep makes you more active and stronger, there is no use in staying sedentary. You need to understand that there is only so much weight you can lose by using nutritional supplements.

You have to work harder than your goals. Of course, if you want to sleep better and lose a few pounds, with the constant use of Resurge you can achieve that.
Another critical factor is the appetite suppressants it contains. Your caloric intake will surely decrease as you make a habit of eating Resurge pills every night.
Since its ingredients are 100% natural, it is safe and suitable for everyone except pregnant women, children and people with severe internal ailments.

Click here for the full list of ingredients on the official website.

The side effects of Resurge:
Consumers need to know that this supplement is healthy, starting with the possible side effects of the product.
Only natural components are used, all of which have been extensively researched and proven to aid in weight loss and simply promote the overall health of the body.
There is nothing artificial in the supplement, which is ideal for people trying to keep additives, harmful chemicals, and other negative substances out of their bodies. These are the types of ingredients that cause the most negative side effects and consumers need to be aware of what weight loss supplements like Resurge contain.

It contains melatonin for a deep, restful sleep. Magnesium in the supplement ensures mental alertness and gives the body a necessary nutrient. The L-theanine in the supplement is good for lowering stress levels. This will help fight stress and better control urges and cravings. Another component – hydroxytryptophan – also contributes to a good night’s sleep and helps people wake up better.

Full List of Resurge Ingredients:

  • Argument 1200 mg
  • It’s 1200 mg
  • The 200 mg
  • Ashwagandha 150 mg
  • Hуdrоxуtrурtorhаn 100 mg
  • Magnesium 50 mg
  • Zinc 15 mg
  • In 10 mg

All of these ingredients have in common that they are safe, natural and scientifically tested. Most of the people will not experience any side effects or negatives from subscribing to this supplement. The negative side effects are minimal and only occur when someone exceeds the dosage.

In this case, that person may experience nausea, dizziness, and headache. These side effects should stop once the dosage returns to normal or if the consumer stops taking the pills for a short period of time. Any serious or persistent side effects should be reported to a doctor. Resurge weight loss pills should not be taken by people who have a serious illness or are currently taking medication unless they consult their doctor.
Resurge’s ingredients address a number of health problems, albeit slowly. Here are the main benefits you can get from Resurge supplements:

  • Fights inflammation
  • Boosts immunity
  • Low anabolic hormones
  • Low carbohydrate intolerance
  • Fights gastrointestinal problems
  • Limits food cravings
  • Weight loss
  • Improve mental health
  • Reduce stress

The natural ingredients used in Resurge also have their own advantages. And the creators of Resurge cleverly mixed them up to create this formula.
Before we dive deeper into how it works, let’s learn about the pros and cons of Resurge supplements:


  • The product is GMP certified
  • With a 60-day money-back guarantee so that you don’t lose your money anyway
  • Manufactured in an FDA certified laboratory
  • Has no side effects, contains 100% organic natural products
  • May be a valid drug for people who want to change their sleep cycle
  • Offers a number of benefits other than weight loss


  • Not recommended for children
  • Pregnant women should stay away from it
  • Doesn’t provide instant relief when unable to sleep. It only works after a few weeks of consistent use.
  • People with chronic illnesses should ask their doctor for work recommendations
  • As we can see, the advantages of Resurge have overshadowed the disadvantages. Before you proceed, however, you should be aware that this is not a substitute for sleeping pills.
  • It is still a weight loss supplement that works to burn fat while you sleep. Many of the dietary supplements that we find on the internet have little research-based claims. Let’s see if Resurge does what it says on the tin or if it’s a scam.

What is Resurge? Is it a real addition?
Resurge is a recently released deep sleep formula that will help you lose weight while you sleep soundly. The dietary supplement comes in capsule form and one bottle is enough for a month.
The Resurge 30 Day Challenge states that you will get guaranteed results in one month. You will lose at least a few pounds and get adequate sleep with consistent use of the supplement.
It also addresses other factors associated with weight gain. Fatigue, poor performance, declining immunity, and stress are some of the problems associated with weight gain.

The pill comes in different packages and you get special discounts when you buy it in packs of 3 and so on. It uses fully organic ingredients so you don’t have to worry about prescriptions and side effects.
The product is vegan friendly and gluten free so everyone can have it. It is not a substitute for sleeping pills, but will repair the sleep cycle when used consistently.
With Resurge, you don’t get instant relief, but instead fix your sleep cycle for good. Ingredients like melatonin and L-theanine are natural relaxants.

Traditionally, supplements and medicines have used melatonin as an effective sleep regulator. Therefore, the company does not collect false information to ensure adequate sleep.
Other ingredients in Resurge act as antidepressants. The two factors work together. When you are relieved of stress, you sleep better and the quality of sleep improves.

The supplement also ensures a deep sleep, which allows optimal use of the sleep hours. Some users have also reported that Resurge helped them suppress their cravings for food.
In fact, it’s a common problem. Its ingredients have appetite suppressing properties, but self-control is still an essential part. While you can find Resurge’s ingredients in other nutritional supplements, the amount of them is crucial.

Resurge is also approved to support HGH (Human Growth Hormone). The product is completely new and is just finding its way into the industry.
Its natural ingredients and research-based claims have encouraged users to give it a try. Not to forget, the money-back guarantee provides additional security.

Several Resurge reviews showed signs of positive changes in her sleep cycles. Word of mouth marketing was a key factor in Resurge’s rise as a dietary supplement in his first year.
Its creator Dr. However, John Barban is far from new to the industry. John Barban has created some of the credible fitness programs like Bеllу Forever, Adonis Wörkut, V-Táré Sólutin, VPX Fаt Loss System.

Of course, not all of them worked out just right. But Barban’s pursuit did not stop him from becoming the kingpin of fitness supplement providers.
Immediate profit is less on his agenda than gaining customer trust. His product was therefore safe and sufficiently sufficient so far.

Barban has worked with many renowned brands such as Slіmԛuісk, BlueStar, Muscletech, ADS, Nutraceuticals and other manufacturers of nutritional products. So he must have got a leaf out of their products in order to create a better addition.
He is also a certified trainer and has a degree in nutrition and humanity. It is a good thing for the supplement industry that such accredited names make supplements these days.
So the product is real and you can trust its manufacturers. Most of all, it’s the process that we need to understand and the logic behind it. We are going to learn how the deep sleep formula helps with weight loss.
But first, let’s see what organic ingredients were used in Resurge and what benefits they offer.

Shipping and returns
You can buy Resurge exclusively from their website. Your order will only take 5 to 7 days if you are ordering from the US or Canada. They also offer international shipping worldwide which you can expect from 8 to 15 days.

You don’t have to pay any additional shipping costs. Just pay the discounted rates on the website for a single bottle or a 3 or 6 pack of your choice.
Since the owner himself says it works best in 90-180 days, you should consider buying it. A better option is to order a bottle first and then gradually increase it.

You can easily track your orders as Resurge sends them through reputable carriers like FedEx or UPS. John Barban is so confident in his product that he also offers a money-back guarantee with Resurge pills.
He claims that if Resurge doesn’t work for you, they will give you a full 100% refund. We couldn’t verify it, but some user reviews have mentioned that they received returns after not getting results for the first month.
All you have to do is email within the two months to request a refund for Resurge pills. You will deduct shipping costs and send the money to your account under a week.


Click here to get Resurge on the official website.

How does Resurge Supplement work?
While there are plenty of traditional fat burners out there, the creators of Resurge took a different approach.
To understand the mechanism of resurge, let’s understand the effects of sleep deprivation on weight gain.
Lack of proper sleep leads to significant changes in the hormones that regulate hunger. Sleep deprivation makes our bodies resistant to leptin.
As we know, leptin helps suppress appetite and lets us know that our stomachs are full. When we’re not getting enough sleep, another starvation hormone, ghrelin, increases in the body.
So while you watch your favorite shows day and night, you also crave snacks. They even like foods that are sugary and high in fat.

A person becomes irrational and impulsive in choosing what to eat when they are deprived of sleep. A new study also found that increasing the timing of sleep significantly reduced sugar cravings.
It is said that proper sleep could reduce your sugar intake by up to 10 grams per day. 36 g and 25 g of sugar per day are sufficient for men and women respectively.
The same study also found that proper sleep can lower fat and carbohydrate intake in humans.
The second major factor that makes sleep a major cause of obesity is the production of human growth hormone. Our bodies produce human growth hormones while we sleep.

The deeper our sleep is, the more human growth hormone our body excretes. These hormones refresh and repair cells in the body. Now you know why your skin looks older and wrinkled after nights without proper sleep.As the body produces HGH more slowly, our bodies also lose muscle mass. Damaged tissue is left unrepaired, and this even affects our mental health.

Here is a summary of all the symptoms of sleep deprivation:

  • Increases appetite
  • Mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and stress
  • Problems in sex life
  • Aging and unhealthy skin
  • Decreases muscle mass
  • Reduces immunity

Resurge is thus addressing a critical problem that is causing many more problems, as discussed above. Melatonin and theanine help us sleep faster.
Together with other components, they also ensure a deeper sleep, which increases the secretion of HGH in the body. The more HGH our body produces, the better our metabolic system becomes.
If you are exercising right now and want to have a chiseled body, Resurge is for you. It increases your metabolism, which in turn increases exercise performance.
More HGH production also means your muscles will recover and develop faster. You will see faster results with fat loss too.

An increase in muscle mass is synonymous with a decrease in fat. The more muscle you build, the faster your fat will burn.
Not to mention, you will burn a small amount of fat even while you sleep. But we still claim that proper exercise is a must to see real weight loss results.
The eight different ingredients in Resurge are combined in FDA approved laboratories, and GMP certification is sure to add credibility. Claiming to have the ingredient is one thing and actually having pure forms of it is another.

The FDA certification makes the product credible. Resurge also fights inflammation with its natural ingredients like ashwagandha.
It also increases mood and relieves stress from the body. How much happier it can make you cannot be quantified, but it is enough to keep you asleep peacefully.

How do I use Resurge?

Resurge dietary supplements come with universal instructions for use. It’s pretty comfortable to get used to using it too.
All you need to do is take four Resurge tablets 30 minutes beforehand. This may seem like a lot, but most of the ingredients have only mild effects.

Therefore you have to take four tablets at the same time. However, you need to use the supplement regularly to see any significant changes.
Since it is for adults only, keep it out of the reach of children and pets. It is also important not to mix with any other drugs that it may react with.

Who should and who shouldn’t be using it?
Resurge is intended for people who have little time to exercise and are gaining weight day by day. People who are sleep deprived should try it too.
But there are also some people who need to avoid ingesting it. Here is the list of people who should and should not take Resurge weight loss pills:

Who should use:

  • People who are unable to remove belly fat with a normal diet.
  • People struggle with sleep deprivation and obesity at the same time.
  • People who are too busy in jobs or companies and cannot train
    Those who feel sleepy or dizzy all day.
  • People who are looking for an energy booster with their workout.

Who shouldn’t:

  • People under 18 years of age
  • Pregnant woman
  • People with heart problems or serious illnesses
  • People who take medication every day

Side effects
Resurge is a completely organic food supplement that has few side effects. You may have a little nausea and headache at the beginning of the schedule.
This is normal when you start taking a new medicine. These side effects are also minimal. The only risk may be if you exceed the daily dose.
For no reason, you would have to eat more than four tablets a day. Do not use the tablets as a substitute for sleeping pills and ignore them if you accidentally skip them.

Conclusion Should You Buy Resurge?
Resurge takes a different angle to work on weight loss. Resurge’s ingredients are scientifically proven and a credible product according to their customers’ reviews.
Additionally, the ingredients are all natural, which makes it a risk-free option.
It’s just a little slow to work. You should use it for weight loss by setting your sleep cycle. But don’t think about insomnia medication. Your doctor’s advice is a must there.

DISCLAIMER: This article contains affiliate links which means that I will earn a small commission every time you click on the product link. This helps us create more videos. Thank you for your support.

Click here to get Resurge on the official website.

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