Night Slim Pro Review 2020 – Natural Weight Loss Supplement

Developed by Oliver Robertson, Night Slim Pro is a natural supplement that has been clinically proven to help people lose weight while sleeping by treating disrupted rest cycles. Hence, this is a fat burning REM formula that breaks the malignant condition known as Interrupted Sleep Syndrome. The Night Slim Pro weight loss capsules are made in a GMP certified facility that is also FDA approved and 100% American.

Let’s take a look at Night Slim Pro’s REM Fat Burning Support Formula and see who the creator is, what the ingredients are and how they can lead to overnight weight loss when paired with a 10 second before bed ritual, to achieve maximum effectiveness and results.

Who is Oliver Robertson?

Oliver Robertson is a very successful 46-year-old medical researcher from a town near Stanford, California. For the past 20 years, he has conducted medical studies at the most prestigious universities in the United States, looking for treatments for high blood pressure and diabetes. His work also includes investigating how the quality of life of diabetics can be improved. Now that he’s preparing to end his career, Oliver has decided to share all of his weight loss knowledge and create a highly potent supplement that can help people lose weight while they sleep.

With the help of Dr. M, Oliver set out to find the right ingredients, in the right dosage amounts, that could help people struggling with obesity and not getting a good night’s sleep. Both of these health conditions can have dramatic side effects on the body as energy levels can be depleted, core metabolic functions can be disrupted, and problematic wellness conditions can easily arise due to lack of rest and proper nutrition.

A solution to weight loss

Oliver teamed up with some of his friends who run a supplement company to make Night Slim Pro available to everyone. He asked that the ingredients in his side dish were the real deal, and that’s how Night Slim Pro went:

100% pure

The ingredients in Night Slim Pro come from local farmers who mature their plants naturally without the use of herbicides. Some of these ingredients are Corydalis, Marshmallow Root, California Poppy Seeds, and Prickly Pear Cactus.


Night Slim Pro weight loss supplement is made with the right amount of herbal essence to preserve the properties of the ingredients. Consumers don’t have to stick to a diet plan or exercise to lose weight, but eating a healthy diet and lifestyle non-sedentary would certainly help. Weight loss would be accelerated and the effects of Night Slim Pro would be stronger.

For sure

This supplement is processed under the strictest sterile standards and only with equipment that is regularly disinfected. Plus, Night Slim Pro capsules are GMO-free, which means they contain no toxins or stimulants. The nice thing about them is also that they don’t cause addiction.

How do you use Night Slim Pro?

Losing weight while sleeping is now only possible with Night Slim Pro! The five ingredients in the Night Slim Pro weight loss fat burner work together to create a soothing environment that the body can use to its advantage and improve the metabolic functions of burning fat and sleeping at night.

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For maximum results when consuming this Night Slim Pro supplement, there are 5 tips that you should adhere to:

Never skip breakfast

People who think that skipping breakfast can help them lose weight are unfortunately completely wrong. If they don’t eat in the morning, they not only miss out on important nutrients, but they also snack all day because they are always hungry.

Having a weight and food journal always helps

Achieving success in losing weight can be done faster with people monitoring their weight and calorie intake. Using a mobile app or paper diary, maybe a website, they can consciously track everything they eat in a day. As they weigh themselves each week and keep track of what the scales show, their motivation to adhere to a healthier lifestyle also increases. Body mass index calculators (BMI) are also of great help.

Consume foods rich in fiber

High-fiber foods make the stomach feel full after every meal, which is very helpful in losing weight. High fiber foods include vegetables and fruits, whole grains, pasta, lentils, peas, brown tice, and oats.

No liquid calories

When consuming sugary drinks, teas, juices and alcohols, the body receives so-called empty calories, which only provide energy and no nutrient content. Smoothies can be used to replace meals, but when it comes to having a drink, people looking to lose weight need to stick to unsweetened coffee and tea, and of course, water. A splash of orange or lemon in the water can make a big difference in taste. It should be noted that dehydration can often be confused with hunger. Therefore, it is good to always drink plenty of water.

Making a plan is important

When trying to lose weight, stocking up on diet foods and organizing meal plans can make a world of difference. Eating carelessly is one of the main reasons so many people are overweight. So it is very important to prepare meals and have healthy ingredients in the kitchen.

How much does Night Slim Pro cost?

Night Slim Pro is only available for a limited time at these amazing prices:

  •  $ 69 for 1 bottle
  •  $ 177 for 3 bottles at 59 USD per bottle
  •  $ 294 for 4 bottles at 49 USD per bottle

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Each of these offers includes FREE shipping to the US. Shipments to Canada only cost $ 15.95 and can take 14 to 15 days to be delivered. International shipping costs may vary depending on where the surcharge is being sent.

Payments can be made with a debit or credit card, including PayPal. A few days after the order was placed, Night Slim Pro will be delivered to the customer’s door for FREE. There are no hidden subscriptions, the surcharge arrives exactly as ordered, and when customers need more they have to place another order.

Night Slim Pro can only be purchased on the product’s official page. It is therefore not available from amazon or other online retail stores, pharmacies or over-the-counter stores. It also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, meaning that those who use it and are not satisfied with the results obtained can return the supplemental bottle (s) for a full refund within 60 days of purchase No questions asked. Each customer has 2 months to decide if Night Slim Pro will work for them. Returns must be sent to:

Refunds will also be issued if products are returned to the company on the 59th day since purchase. For questions or inquiries about Night Slim Pro, users can send an email to Customer service should have 48 hours to respond.

Final thoughts

Night Slim Pro is a fat burning sleep aid that works naturally during the REM sleep cycle and provides incredible results overnight. The blend of 5 ingredients in Night Slim Pro has been clinically proven to be completely natural with no stimulants, does not use genetically modified sources, and is completely safe with non-tolerance herbal extracts.

Oliver Robertson goes into details during the video presentation showcasing Night Slim Pro and explains why this product is specifically designed to help individuals overcome sleep disorders or interrupted sleep syndrome. The product comes with a 60 day no questions asked refund policy that makes it a risk free option to try and buy today.

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